Cyber Security issues are becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses. Recent studies reveal huge increases in hacked and breached data from common workplace sources.

Cyber criminals can cause expensive damage to your hard-earned business. The Garlick Group provides cyber security services to ensure protection of your most important asset, your business.

“Compliance in a Box”

  • We use proprietary software to audit all the company’s computers, devices, and networks and provide a detailed Risk Assessment.
  • We provide the company a “check list” of actions they should take to secure their environment.
  • We provide the company with written policies and procedures that are compliant with the Regulations and the NIST Standards.
  • We scan the “Dark Web” and provide an exclusive ID Checkup Tool that allows clients to access their credit and specialty consumer reports.
  • We provide all the employees a web based Cyber Security Training Curriculum, and provide the company a certificate when the employee completes the curriculum.
  • We provide the company and its employees a tool to see if their passwords have been compromised and/or are considered STRONG.
  • We provide all employees and their families personal, comprehensive Identity Recovery services with discounted monitoring plans.

Cyber Security Services

  • Recommend and Install end point security.
  • Address all the issues uncovered in the Risk Assessment Report.
  • Recommend and Install Firewalls.
  • Enabling Fire Walls and configuring Ports.
  • Recommending 3rd party services to enhance email and other IP Protocol risks.
  • Provide ongoing Chief Security Officer Service.
  • Become the company’s Managed Service Provider for end to end IT and Security Support.
cyber security consulting services

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